The UDiON Foundation is a globally focused charity organization that works to improve the health and wellbeing of children living in poverty in under-developed nations through the use of innovative, effective, measurable programs with equitable resources.

UDiON Foundation (UDiON) was founded by Radwan Chowdhury in June 2010 as a response to the global crisis facing poverty and education. Inspired by his sponsored child and encouraged by many others, Radwan first established a network of local volunteers in 1995 to house and educate orphan children through traditional ‘full-care.’ The primary aim was to educate in order to eliminate poverty resulting in raising global citizens. Realizing that there is something wrong with the society we live in, he committed himself to eliminate poverty. Read More


UDiON mission is to implement perpetual solutions to End the cycle of Poverty, Hunger and Social Injustice through “Education”.


We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and be a contributing member of the society.


We embrace and draw inspiration from our philanthropists to create a world without disparity. Read More


“We are dedicated to educate” to eliminate Poverty, Hunger and Social Injustice, because we invented the model, and continue to define it.

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You may have read news articles about foreign aid that are filled with big generalizations based on small examples. They tend to cite anecdotes about waste in some program and suggest that foreign aid is a waste. If you hear enough of these stories, it’s easy to get the impression that aid just doesn’t work. It’s no wonder that one British newspaper claimed last year that more than half of voters want cuts in overseas aid.

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