Moitreyi Nayek

Moitreyi Nayek, Executive Director

Moitreyi Nayek is a devoted social worker with a deep connection to the community at large. She is the founder of American Muslim Women Civic Group, an organization that focuses on advancement of Muslim women and youth promoting civic engagement. Her Asian heritage enables her to lead with a cultural understanding to aptly deal with the workings of the Mayor’s Asian American Advisory Board of City of Jacksonville, and preside as the Deputy Coordinator of Asian American Federation of Florida NE. She applies out-of-the box solutions and simple approaches to solving complex problems to bring justice, equality and advancement of undeserved communities within the American society and also internationally. She serves as the Executive Director at UDiON Foundation, managing educational programs for kids to help aid in the fight against child labor.

Moitreyi applies out-of-the-box solutions and simple approaches to solve complex problems. Her ultimate goal is about bringing justice, equality and advancement to the Muslim community within American society. She believes in the strength of diversity. Moitreyi’s greatest influence to be civically- engaged is her parents, who involved her in community activities from an early age.

In her corporate career, Moitreyi has over 13 years of global experience in Banking and Software. She is a Senior Digital Fraud Analyst at Bank of America and was a recipient of the Bank of America Gold Award for Operational Excellence in 2014. In addition, she was ranked #1 in the Jacksonville Market and #2 in the East Coast Regional Market.

Moitreyi holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Vidyasagar University, India.