Lourie Bartchlett

Lourie Bartchlett, Corporate Ambassador

Lourie Bartchlett, is hopeful that there are reasonable solutions to make life easier for those suffering and dreams of world peace. At a young age she noticed that there were drastic differences and opportunities amongst people around the world. One of her first experiences helping others came when she saw a woman on the highway holding a sign stating that she was hungry. The first thing she wanted to do was make her something to eat and to help make her day a little brighter. Lourie’s family was impressed with the request and allowed her to make the woman a meal and deliver it to her.   This experience led Lourie to want to volunteer and eventually received a B.A. in Sociology. After graduation she worked for a few non-profits in Jacksonville, FL and volunteered from time to time.

Lourie continues to volunteer with different organizations and hopes to make a significant impact one day on the inequalities that prevent others from living out their dreams.   She believes that if everyone took the time and effort to help just one person or volunteer for an agency they believed in, the experience would lead them and those they helped to reach out and help others. Lourie understands that the reality of this happening may be slim but continues to work with others in hopes of making the world a better place and to fight for equality for all.