Palash Chowdhury

Palash Chowdhury, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Palash Chowdhury, is a devoted social worker with deep connection to community at large. He volunteers for many non-profit organization which focuses and advocate in advancement of youth education and empowerment. His ability to deliver a clear, concise and well-thought decision with a new perspective demonstrates his quality as social and community leader. In addition he serves as Board Member, UDiON Foundation, Board Member, North South Shaskritik Shongothon and Member, Bangladesh Club.

Palash has over 5 year’s of Technology and Information experience. He is in his final year to complete his Bachelor from DeVry University in Technical Management with concentration of Computer Science and Information.

He serves as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) at UDiON Foundation and AA Global Solutions. He is a recipient of Best volunteer service award in 2011, in addition he received wide range of recognition from local community members and organizations that he served over the years.