American atheist writer & blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh!


JACKSONVILLE, FL, February 27, 2015: American atheist writer & blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

UDiON Foundation (UDiON), an organization “Dedicated to Educate”, expresses its outrage about the brutal murder of Dr. Avijit Roy in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

On Thursday, February 26th, Senseless and tragic act of terror that took the life of Avijit Roy, an atheist who advocated secularism. A group of men ambushed Avijit Roy and his wife Rafida Ahmed a BPress Release - American atheist writer & blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh - 0215-02angladesh born US Citizen who were visiting Dhaka only to attend the largest Asian book festival, at least two of the attackers hit the couple with meat cleavers. “Our heartfelt condolences go to the families and loved ones of the victims and to the local community for this senseless and tragic act of terror. May he RIP”.

A shocking act of violence” that was “horrific in its brutality and cowardice.” said Radwan Chowdhury, CEO of UDiON Foundation. “It is time for Muslim leaders and imams to lead their followers in recognizing free speech and free exercise of religion as integral part of Islam”. The killers did nothing to defend Islam and Prophet Muhammad SW. They made 1.6 billion Muslim look like a murderous cult that views beheadings, bombings, kidnappings, and mass killings as religiously sanctioned response to grievances. They forget that the pen is mightier than the sword. Prophet Muhammad SW said, “The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr.”

In a separate statement Mr. Chowdhury said “Religion is a personal belief – not a state affair and a tool of injustice that humiliate human beings”! We should also be mindful that freedom of expression or freedom of religion has its limits, “No one has the right to insult, provoke or make fun about other people faith, and every religion has its own dignity”.

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