A Container of Transformative Change!

Dear Friends,

With the end of 2015 quickly approaching, we are pause to give thanks for a time of family and friends, a time of reflection and thanks, a time of joy and peace. May we all come through safe and with honor!

Everyone has their own reasons for giving back. For us, it’s simply about making the world a more fair and equitable place. Yes, our road is longer—but we travel it together. We don’t turn back. We leave no one behind. We pull each other up. That is the value we share as an UDiON Foundation. We believe we are all in it together is far better philosophy than you on your own.

A Container of Transformative Change Based on Relationship supports through conversation increase individual and collective capacity of people to stand in the tension that emerge out of efforts to make change. In our work, we come across a lot of great organizations and individual doing inspiring work around the world.

Please consider giving to the family of UDiON Foundation this holiday season and make your generous YEAR END TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution to any one of our project. Please use our secure PayPal account or send your check so that we may continue reaching out to those in dire need of our help.  Together we can make it better world.

Please accept our small gift of gratitude and let it serve as a reminder that we truly appreciate your support. You are blessing to the UDiON Foundation and on behalf of entire UDiON Foundation family we wish you and you’re loved one a very safe blessed holiday, and success, beautiful, prosper start to your New Year!

Thank You!

-Radwan Chowdhury



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