UDiON Story

The UDiON Foundation is a globally focused charity organization that works to improve the health and well-being of children living in poverty in under-developed nations through the use of innovative, effective, measurable programs with equitable resources.

UDiON Foundation (UDiON) was founded by Radwan Chowdhury in June 2010 as a response to the global crisis facing poverty and education. Inspired by his sponsored child and encouraged by many others, Radwan first established a network of local volunteers in 1995 to house and educate orphan children through traditional ‘full-care.’ The primary aim was to educate in order to eliminate poverty resulting in raising global citizens. Realizing that there is something wrong with the society we live in, he committed himself to eliminate poverty.


UDiON is a message of hope. UDiON’s plan is to provide a roof to the orphans and impoverished children of our society. This is a fundamental rethink on the economic relationship between the rich and the poor as well as the rights and the obligations of the poor. It is this struggle and the unique and extraordinary methods that Radwan invented to combat human despair with humility and conviction. It is also the view of a man familiar with Eastern and Western cultures.


In 2011, after the successful launch of the first innovative program called “Conditional Cash Transfer”, UDiON began to provide ‘family-care’ services – providing resources as well as support to keep orphans and impoverished children in their own extended families with commitment to keeping them in school allowing the families to remain intact. Since 1995, UDiON has continued to allow its original children to ‘age out,’ while beginning additional family-care services for other destitute.


Over the course of time, Mr. Chowdhury spoke on “Ending Poverty and Orphanages” globally that became the new mantra of the organization – to move 163 million destitute/orphaned children around the world into their own extended families whenever and wherever possible.


Through “Conditional Cash Transfer”, UDiON arranges for donors to provide an on-going monthly stipend for the financial, health, and educational support of the impoverished child in its care. UDiON also provides school oversight, after-school tutoring, enrichment programs, health checkups, and regular monitoring of health and well-being of children.


UDiON believes that the greatest number of kids can be served when neighbors, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are provided with the means to care for destitute children. This plan for ‘Conditional Cash Transfer’ requires intensive work by UDiON’s local staff, dedicated volunteers, teachers, and committed donors. It is an appeal for action: we must concentrate on promoting the will to survive and the courage to build the first and most essential element of human rights.


Thanking You!