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UDiON Foundation’s aim is to get our youth involved in history, heritage and the culture. Time to time UDiON publish quiz to engage our youth.

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***We welcome all of you to take the challenge, you must score 80% or higher to be included in drawing. Three lucky winners will be drawn by the specified date. Good Luck!

Note: If you take the quiz/test more than once you will be automatically disqualify or judges will take the lowest score.


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Our Recent Winners

1st Prize Winner

1st Kamrul HasanKamrul Hasan

2nd Prize Winner

2nd Ahasan Al Azad
Ahasan Al-Azad

3rd Prize Winner

3rd Md.Shariful Islam
Md. Shariful Islam

Past Lucky Winners

Yousuf Rabby

Morshed Sagor

Roksana Begum

Mohammed Salman Sakib Chowdhury

Tabassum Ahmed

MD. Kamrul Hasan Dalim

Ahasan Ali Azad

Disclaimer: By Completing the survey, quiz or polls provided by volunteers on behalf of the UDiON Foundation, I / We hereby agree to forever hold harmless and release from any and all obligation and liabilities from the said volunteer/s, the organization and its employees and officers for providing the said survey, quiz and winning prize in good faith.