If I’m the CEO of UDiON Foundation I would….

If I’m the CEO of UDiON Foundation I would….

The phrase itself sums it all. Purpose of the conversation is to create a dialogue in more positive way, most importantly what would you do if you are the CEO of UDiON Foundation. THE WHAT and THE HOW is the key component, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our services, projects, programs and transparency and we are seeking your help.

“Inter-departmental Collaboration” – An Organizational Oxymoron –

Exhibiting the Cultural Behavior of a “Forward Thinking”. Collaboration Drives Optimized Overall Results and Performance. Teamwork Drives Success! Be Inclusive! Show Team Sprit in the Face of the Beneficiaries! Strong Team, Build Strong Organizations!

Feedback strategies can vary in several dimensions:

The purpose of giving immediate feedback is to help us improve. A general principle for gauging the timing of feedback is to put yourself in the CEO place. Formative feedback represents information communicated to the recipient that is intended to modify the recipient thinking or behavior for the purpose of improving the intended work. Here are some key points to keep in mind…

  • Focus on Formative Feedback
  • Constructive feedback is information-specific, issue-focused, and based on observations
  • Focuses on task-level feedback as opposed to general summary feedback
  • State observations, not interpretations
  • Avoid “need to” phrases
  • Be sincere and avoid giving mixed messages
  • In positive feedback situations, express appreciation
  • In negative feedback situations, express concern

Be a change agent; help transform UDiON Foundation. Thank You for joining the movement, you are making the world a better place than we found.