No-Cost School for Underprivileged Children

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Background Information

This project will help expand UDiON Foundation’s free-of-cost school, which run exclusively for the underprivileged children. All of the 1800 students currently studying in the 13 schools coming from incredibly disadvantaged families. These children would have never got the opportunity of quality education had UDiON not taken this initiative. The curse of illiteracy and poverty force these kids to become child laborers, which UDiON is trying to prevent through this initiative.


Bangladesh, being a third world developing country, suffers from chronic poverty and illiteracy. The poorest people, who mostly live in the slum areas, cannot find enough employment opportunities to sustain their families, let alone send their children to schools. Hence, these kids grow up to be child laborers and engage in unsavory professions from a very early age. Lack of proper education is the reason their families cannot get out of this cycle of poverty.


The ultimate goal of this project is to provide free of cost education of international standard to these destitute children, so that they can eventually extricate themselves from the clutches of poverty. The project will also focus on their emotional and physical development by taking care of issues such as their nutrition, hygiene and health care, so that these kids are able to grow up and make a place for themselves in the world as global citizens.

Long-Term Impact and Outcomes

Presently, the school facilitates 1800 children, which will be increased the beneficiary to be 2700 in 13 schools. The long term goal is to set up at least one school in each of the 64 districts throughout Bangladesh. Our plan is to start educating the kids from the age of 4-5 and give them at least 12-14 years of international standard education along with vocational training.

  • Expansion of existing school to increase student enrollment
  • Additional School will be open in different parts of the rural area of Bangladesh
  • New and existing teachers training program for quality education, each teacher will be train in national and international standard
  • All school will be technologically equipped and vocational training program will be incorporated
  • We will start mid-day healthy lunch to improve the nutrition of each child, which will eventually increase enrollment participation


1 year Budget (including matching funds “soft/hard”)

Purpose and Description of NeedsRequested AmountSoft & Hard Funds by UDiONComments & Notes
Teachers/Trainer Salary (32 Teachers, Administrators and Principal)
Learning Materials (Computer, Sewing Machine and etc.)
Furniture (Chair, Table, Board, & etc.)
Operation Cost (Management, Monitoring, Advertising Cost & etc.)
Mid-Day lunch (each school will have mid-day lunch service to improve nutrition of children)
Total Budget

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Complete Concept note and detailed budget avilable upon request. Thank You!