Keep Homeless Warm in this Winter

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Save “A” Life in This Winter!

Winter Blankets for the Improvised Children’s, Young Girls,

Disabled Men and Women of Bangladesh


DiON Foundation gives Blankets, shawls, sweaters and socks directly to families and children abandoned by society and lack basic necessities who live on the streets and in desperately poor communities in Bangladesh (mostly in North part of the country). Most of them have to beg to supplement their meager daily “earning” of 0.10 USD for 8 hours. With winter fast approaching, warm blankets are a much needed essential!

Winter Blanket and Clothing Distribution Program (Annual Event)

District No of Village No of Beneficiaries D-Increased Beneficiaries


4 1000


3 500


4 255


8 1019
Total 30 2774

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

For a twenty four-weeks period in December to February the temperature can go down to near freezing point in northern part for the Bangladesh (Shatkhira, Jeshore, Khulna and Parbotto Chittagng “Hiltrackts”). For the poor, particularly Children’s, Young Girls, Disabled Men and Women without blankets and any warm clothing this dangerous damp cold claim lives every year. Those areas of Bangladesh face several social problems, with about 78.75% lives below the poverty line (under US$0.50 a day), Abandoned by their families and society, they are subjected to much humiliation and are denied even essential human rights such as shelter, food, security, health and dignity. These injustices can be traced to the culture-specific practices and social taboos surrounding poverty in Bangladesh.

UDiON started distribution of winter blankets and clothing last year, the appeal started following the death of a disable female in the night from the cold in her neglected home and the appeal was started in the hope this would never happen again in the villages and communities in which UDiON work.

How will this project solve this problem?

UDiON currently works to improve the child labor, quality of education and living conditions of about 5000 Improvised Children’s, Young Girls, Disabled Men and Women. Our Project “Save “A” Life in This Winter!” seeks to promote dignity for them, and improve their standard of living. Providing warm Blankets, shawls, sweaters and socks will help these neglected Children’s, Young Girls, Disabled Men and Women stay warm during the rapidly approaching cold winter season. Working very closely with UDiON volunteers and resources along with schools UDiON works with and community based organization & volunteers who are able to identify families and children in need and effectively distribute Blankets, shawls, sweaters and socks directly to those most in need of them.

Potential Long Term Impact

Since blankets, shawls and sweaters are a long-lasting item; these will be usable by widowed women for at least a few years. Distributing with blankets, sweaters and shawls will help take care of a basic need for protection against the cold. In addition, since most of the Improvised Children’s, Young Girls, Disabled Men and Women are often physically weak, these would help prevent further health problems. Blankets, shawls, sweaters and socks are a necessity for them. This appeal is a response to an annual need and is humanitarian in nature. However over the years we have distributed over 1,575 blankets and 800 warm sweaters to desperately poor children, saving great distress and even lives.