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(Saving Life by Washing Hands)


DiON Foundation strongly believes every child counts, and every child should have full potential in life one to succeed. Many organizations have the hand wash program each year including Unilever, however their program is not effective and this is why. Organization go in many school and have all children line-up as assembly line and wash their hands, kids in their age really don’t understand why or the importance of hand wash, our survey shows over 95 percent of those children’s forgot the reason why they washed their hands. Therefor we have invented the model to tackle the issues on hand and we need your help.

UDiON program is dedicated to tackle the imminent threat of stomach diseases by providing preventive educational program that has been proven with over 90 percent track record. In 2011 we have launched a special pilot program called “Save life by Washing Hands”, a six months hand wash project in correlation with awareness program that prevents many stomach diseases. Each teacher is trained by UDiON volunteers of doctor, and each teacher is responsible to talk about the importance of hand wash before eating or placing the hand in mouth. Each participant schools are supplied with six months hand sanitizers to participate in the program.

Sensitization & De-worming Prevention Education Program (Annual Project)

District No of Village No of Beneficiaries D-Increased Beneficiaries
Jeshore 6 450
Faridpur 7 765
Feni 4 279
Chittagong 10 1200
Dhaka 15 1700
Total 42 4394

Anne Frank once said that “How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Saving the life of every child’s is what we dream. Staying healthy is the most important aspect of every child to succeed in life. It is imperative that we as community leaders to provide our children’s with the very best education that includes an awareness program for them to stay healthy. As reported in stomach worm can impact children future and may cause death: A Survey of 500 families in rural area shows 8 out of 10 children have stomach worms and growth of those children’s at risk. The World Bank Statistics (2009) reports that more than two-thirds of the children’s of rural area in Bangladesh in danger of their health with many diseases including stomach worms, Daharia, Reflux, Peptic ulcer, Crohns disease and many more.

Research from Harvard and John Hopkins Universities shows human habit takes six months to change, and we used the research to tackle the issues on hand. And we have succeeded with 90 percent successes record. This is wonderful news; however, there are children’s who is not part of the program due to lack of funding’s, or are meeting it on a minimum level. It is these children are that our project will target. It is our belief that the 10 percent of children’s who are not. Project S.L.B.W.H will give them the small-group and teacher attention that will help them to understand the importance of hand wash. It will also foster an open line of communication with their families, who often go unnoticed due to their relative lack of involvement as a result of their own level of education. These families want the best for their children; they are just unprepared and uneducated at the level that is needed. Government does not have a plan to tackle the rural area. This is why Project S.L.B.W.H is needed.

Our goal with Project S.L.B.W.H is to create an environment where children’s are actively engaged, given opportunities to healthy, and taught to make connections, infer, synthesize, and ask questions. Children’s will use collaboration, one-on-one teacher-led pairs, and small, student-focused instructional groups. These sessions will occur during and after school hours and on school property. Each member of the Project S.L.B.W.H team has proven to be a master teacher who uses the current best practices. The program will run six months every school year in rural area. It is our goal to have every school in all rural areas of Bangladesh one at a time. We will be providing children’s with important resources they need—time and our focused attention—but we need your help. We would like to request Jaxport to donate boxes of hands sanitizers to UDiON Foundation to make this project happen for our students. 12000pc will serve 500 children’s for 6 months.

Project S.L.B.W.H (Saving Life by Washing Hands) will keep many children from being sick with many stomach diseases including stomach worms. We at UDiON hear the alarm bells and are ready to answer the call. Our children’s need us and UDiON Project S.L.B.W.H will provide. It is our honor to be part of the team of heroes for our struggling children’s. While the fires of illiteracy may burn brightly, your support, along with our project, will protect each child from a life threating diseases including stomach worms. We need you to join us in being their heroes.


Our goal is to create an environment where students are actively and individually taught the skills and importance of hand wash that they have not mastered. Attaining this goal is crucial to the students’ and their families’ so the children’s can be free of stomach worms.


As a result of participation in Project S.L.B.W.H, students will be safe and germless, they will be free of stomach worms, and habit will grow by repeating for 6 months as research shows. This will be done in a setting where small groups, collaborative efforts, and frequent assessments are used. Increasing students’ awareness and confidence and making a habitual practice will show an increase in healthy child, which will result in a decrease in early death. Teachers will learn new strategies to support their students.


Project S.L.B.W.H seeks to support students through the following objectives:

  • 80 percent of participating students will make gains on his/her health awareness and importance of hand wash.
  • Teachers will be provided with collaboration time and training.
  • Families will receive opportunities to come to school to learn how to reinforce hand washing and why hand wash is important to save life.