Girls Career Exploration & Skill Development

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Background Information

There are 600 million adolescent girls living in poverty in the developing world. By giving one of these girls a chance, you start the girl effect. When girls have safe places to meet, education, legal protection, health care, and access to training and job skills, they can thrive. And if they thrive, everyone around them thrives, too.


People assume girls are being reached, but they aren’t.


Here are three solid reasons why we want you to invest your time, energy, and capital in an adolescent girl:

  • Girls are agents of change. They play a crucial role in solving the most persistent development problems facing the world today.
  • The cost of excluding girls is high. In Bangladesh, adolescent pregnancy results in nearly $10billion in lost potential income. The question isn’t “why girls?” It’s “why wait?”

There are many ways to help:

  • Send every girl to school.
  • Help fight her legal case.
  • Give her a microloan and help her solve the social, economic & environmental problems she faces through entrepreneurship.

Long-Term Impact and Outcomes

When a girl gets a chance, gets educated, stays healthy and HIV-negative, marries when she chooses, and raises a healthy family, she can raise the standard of living for herself, her brothers, her family, her community, and her country. To break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, programmers must be designed for, and measure the impact on, girls. At UDiON we are committed to ensure every girl have the opportunity to get the quality education, vocational training and option make her own choice by bringing education to them where ever they may be geographically located. UDiON is committed to expand its school and technical program in every major rural area of Bangladesh. We need your help to sustain the program.

  • Expand the existing school
  • Open new school in all 4 regions of the country specifically targeting female
  • Target major rural area in each major geographical area
  • Provide free of cost quality education

1 year Budget (including matching funds “soft/hard”)

Purpose and Description of NeedsRequested AmountSoft & Hard Funds by UDiONComments & Notes
Teachers/Trainer Salary (Teachers, Administrators and Principal)
Survey and Motivation (Survey and data collection)
Learning Materials (Computer, Sewing Machine and etc.)
Furniture (Chair, Table, Board, & etc.)
Operation Cost (Management, Monitoring, Advertising Cost & etc.)
Total Budget

Additional Information and Resources

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Complete Concept note and detailed budget avilable upon request. Thank You!