We appreciate your interest in employment opportunities with the UDiON Foundation. We encourage you to review our jobs postings and apply for a specific opening.

We are fortunate to receive a considerable number of applications from highly qualified individuals. We will contact those candidates who best match the position requirements to begin the interview process.

What we look for

Does making a difference motivate you? Are you selfless and driven to be a part of a bigger purpose in the service of humanity? And, are hope and strength of character attributes which will guide your zeal to make a difference in a complex world?

Are you the type of person who will travel and work anywhere at a moment’s notice?

Do you thrive in an environment that is truly international and multi-cultural, which respects as well as promotes diversity and functions at its best through the efforts of teams of different people?

These are some of the characteristics that you will find in UDiON Family.

We want people with integrity. People who are fair, impartial, honest and truthful. We want dynamic and adaptable persons who are not afraid to think creatively, to be proactive, flexible and responsive. If you think you embody these values then UDiON is the place for you.


Acting with integrity is performing in a selfless, impartial and honest manner at all times. When you work at the UDiON Foundation this means living the values of the Organization in your daily activities and behavior. Integrity upholds the professionalism of the members; it is the backbone of efficiency.


To work with professionalism is to be dedicated, conscientious and efficient in meeting deadlines and achieving results. It means demonstrating competence in your area of expertise, and in any situation, presenting the best possible appearance, commitment and pride in your work.

Respect for diversity

Diversity is one of the defining features of the UDiON Foundation and the Organization recognizes that the diversity of its members is an asset in tackling its complex tasks. We are called to respect and learn from each other’s differences and rely on them to find more creative ways to solve everyday challenges.


It is important for members to have a vision of how the Organization will fulfill its mandates and carry out its work. Understanding the Organization’s direction provides clarity and makes people enthusiastic about the future. It also helps members to see the link between what they do every day and the overarching goals of the UDiON Foundation.


We hear about leaders every day, some who are great and charismatic, and others who inspire us to change. At the UDiON Foundation, leaders serve as role models for the members. They listen before they act; and while they nurture relationships and gain broad support, they also make tough decisions and drive change that is necessary. They make things happen with the support of others.

Empowering Others

Having a manager who shows trust and confidence in you is essential for success. A good manager delegates responsibilities, is clear about what is expected, and values everyone’s inputs and expertise.

Managing Performance

Managers are required to complete member’s evaluations, have discussions about career planning and learning objectives, as well as the competencies necessary to complete performance goals. It is not always easy to have these discussions, but giving and receiving feedback and having an on-going dialogue about performance is both rewarding and helpful.

Building Trust

We often work in teams at the UDiON Foundation. When a leader of a team trusts you, it empowers you and makes you proud to be part of that team. A good manager is open to others’ views, follows up as promised and gives the team due credit. It is great working in an environment where you feel free to speak openly and know that your opinions are valued.

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Disclaimer: The UDiON Foundation, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to fostering a diverse and multicultural work environment. UDiON welcomes applications from all qualified candidates without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or any other category protected by the law.