Be A Volunteer

Fellowships and Volunteer Opportunities

At the UDiON Foundation, our people address the most challenging inequities in our region, our country, and the world, contributing their best on behalf of UDiON global effort.

It is work that not only relies upon candidates with solid educations and related experience, but also a rare dedication to the greater good that exceeds the importance of a specific title. If you have the right mix of experience, discipline, and humility needed to help us accomplish our goals, we strongly encourage you to join us.

Interns and volunteers are critical to accomplishing the UDiON Foundation’s mission and are valued members of our team. We are thrilled that you are interested to join UDiON Foundation. You have made the right choice to “Stand for the Vulnerable”. Please complete and return completed application to

The UDiON Foundation, Inc. is an emerging non-profit global organization that seeks to improve the life and well-being of adults and children. We envision a world in which community challenges are addressed, not by individual leaders, but by collective leadership – groups of local residents working together for sustainable change.

A Container of Transformative Change Based on Relationship supports through conversation increase individual and collective capacity of people to stand in the tension that emerge out of efforts to make change.

Our diverse community challenges us to share our own ideas while considering other points of view. Differences are assets that make us better learners, teachers, scholars, employees, and community members. This inclusive culture extends far beyond dinner tables and does not happen without the deliberate work of each of us as members of a diverse community. It is therefore our patriotic and moral duty to dedicate ourselves to the continued quest for equality and justice for all for ourselves, for future generations and for the world we love.

What is the benefits?

  • Personal fulfillment through contribution to community and individual
  • Satisfaction in helping someone mature, progress and achieve goals
  • Deeper understanding of social problems
  • Improve interpersonal skills an develop management talents
  • All volunteers will be mentored by UDiON Leaders and Corporate Executives from Fortune 500 companies
  • Certificate of Volunteer hours and Recommendation letter
  • Hands-on amazing experience and networking opportunities with the UDiON team and leaders in the non-profit arena, many Chambers, community and Business leaders
  • Opportunity to share ideas and help implement new programs and projects (with management approval)
  • Have fun while contributing to a socially responsible organization that has already touched the lives of many families
  • Opportunity to represent UDiON Foundation and participate in national and international stage
  • Complementary tickets to community events
  • Millage and expenses are tax deductible
  • Membership to ImpactJAX  

                       1. ImpactJAX is the young professional’s organization of the JAX Chamber and the premier venue for    Jacksonville’s next generation of leaders to connect with each other and the community

  • Volunteers carries no stipend (There is possibility for this experience to turn into a paid full or part time position)

Be A Volunteer


The UDiON Foundation’s volunteer program is designed to provide hands-on experience, build leadership skills and create a guide for the next generation of leaders.  This will be accomplished by assisting with the development of the organization, implementing policies and procedures, recruitment and maintenance of clients, donors and members, as well as, engaging in community outreach.

Words From Volunteers

Working Together For Sustainable Change


People whether staff, volunteers, clients, beneficiaries, donors, and partners, as important ambassador in bringing peace, love, and justice.  We recognize and affirm UDiON Foundation as a multicultural organization and seek to understand and respect the multiplicity of cultures among us. As we seek change in the world, we recognize that we, too, are changed, by those we serve.

Excellence/Continuous Improvement

Excellence/Continuous Improvement in all our programs and projects, following best practices and standards in a manner that is sustainable to the community from a social, and economic perspective. We also seek to apply our human and financial resources in such ways that maximize impact and sustain benefits to the greatest number of people.


Empowerment by prioritizing the leadership and participation of those we serve, whether people, or local institutions, as critical to creating and sustaining change. We seek to catalyze a movement of worldwide volunteers to multiply impact, and we value capacity-building as a means towards that end.


Partnership by seeking, facilitating, and promoting collaboration among all stakeholders, including local governments, the worldwide mission agencies, other NGO’s, and the business community, recognizing partnership as essential to serving the most vulnerable. We believe each expression has a unique and interdependent role in bringing peace and justice to the world and to eradicate global poverty.
Disclaimer: The UDiON Foundation, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to fostering a diverse and multicultural work environment. UDiON welcomes applications from all qualified candidates without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or any other category protected by the law.