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    Under Construction Conditional Cash Transfer DiON Conditional Cash Transfer Program is a program that takes children out of the workforce and into school where they can gain a quality education. The...
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    Save “A” Life in This Winter! Winter Blankets for the Improvised Children’s, Young Girls, Disabled Men and Women of Bangladesh DiON Foundation gives Blankets, shawls, sweaters and socks directly to families...
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    S.L.B.W.H. (Saving Life by Washing Hands) DiON Foundation strongly believes every child counts, and every child should have full potential in life one to succeed. Many organizations have the hand wash...
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Disability is NOT an Inability

Disability is NOT an Inability, They are normal people like you and me they just...
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Student ServiceWe are working towards various programs for our future sponsors to visit their sponsored child. These visits must be pre-arranged by UDiON.Bangladesh is one of the most poor and over-populated countries in the world with a density of 795 people per square kilometer. It has a total area of 1,44,498 square kilometer and population of approximately 14 core. An estimated 47% of the population is under the age of 16 years, while 17% is below the age of 5. The population growth rate is 2.16% with a literacy rate of only 24.8%.

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